Autonomous Communications Command Center

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A heavy duty rechargeable/solar autonomous crawler with 4x4 capabilities (UGV). UGV acts as a communication hub and or command center. The 4x4 crawler UGV has a built in concealed communication housing box consisting of all the electical components/hardware for transmission operations. The crawler is also equipped with an autonomous lightweight canvas that can be minipulated to form a concealed makeshift tent for various weather conditions as well as acts as the CEO/command center/tent bunk for long durations spent in the same location. The UVG is recharged via reattachable solar panels to sustaine power to the tent and the communication hubs electronics. Led lights are woven within the tents fabric that connect directly into the UGV to supply power to the makeshift tent.


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    Kenneth Mailloux
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    Smart automation or controlled defense engagement capabilities. Advanced warfare or modern warfare smart tactical wireless pairing.
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