Personal Flying Vehicle

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This is a design for a single person flying vehicle. This is an electric flying vehicle that uses two high speed counter rotating ducted fans to create lift. The fans are 36 inches in diameter. The estimated flight time is about 20 minutes with the current battery technology. The vehicle will be able to lift one 250 lb. person. The vehicle will be made using a combination of additive manufacturing for the core of the frame and other parts and hand layup of carbon fiber for the skin. By using this unique manufacturing technology the cost of manufacturing would be greatly reduced. Using the 3D Printed core structure would eliminate the need for molds and would save lots of time and labor while creating a lightweight strong vehicle structure.

The other unique feature of this design is how easy it will be to fly it. The two fans are connected to the main vehicle body by universal/ball joint. By using the handle bars the operator will be able to rotate the fans in any direction to make the vehicle fly in that direction. Both fans will rotate with the same speed all the time and by changing the speed of the fans you would change the altitude of the flight.

The vehicle will also have a small ballistic parachute in case of power failure.

Besides just for fun and recreational use, this vehicle could have many commercial uses.

As the battery technology get better and the flight time get longer, this machine can be used for urben transportation, or by police, military, site inspection, and other commercial uses.


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