High Efficiency Positive Displacement Water Powered Sump Pump

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This invention is a solution to the annual $1 Billion problem of storm water back up in basements during power outages and all the hardship caused to homeowners, especially those with finished basements.

Unlike battery back up pumps which typically only operate for 1-2 hours, this design will run 24-7-365 keeping basements dry during power outages of any duration, without any batteries.

Other key advantages are near 100% efficiency vs. venturi pumps that are 40-50% at best, and no need for a back flow preventer with physical separation of municipal water and sump water.


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    Michael Ostrowski
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    Solves an annual $1 Billion homeowner basement storm water back up problem during power outages and all the hardship these flooding incidents cause. US Patent No. 6,527,518
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