Easy Clean Shower

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Cleaning the shower should not be hard for anyone. A Teflon- or ceramic-coated shower would repel water and dirt from the surface walls. Who wants to spend an hour scrubbing dirt from scum ridden walls? A shower is a space in the bathroom for humans to use for personal cleanliness. Why use the area for a nuclear attack on the walls with a scrubbing chemical bomb? Life is too short for that. Help keep the sewer free of chemical cleaners. Manufacture a shower with slick walls where no soap scum can dwell and no bleach is needed to kill the stains.

The coating should cover acrylic or fiberglass surround pieces for a three-piece stall or a preformed one-piece stall. The floor base needs to be dirt resistant and a textured non-slip coating. Various colors could be used in the coating. Safety grip bars and soap/shampoo shelves could be installed inside the shower. Mildew resistant shower curtains should be hung rather than a glass door. If a glass door was used, it would need a water-resistant treatment.

With only a sponge or soft cloth, the walls could be wiped down occasionally with white vinegar to deter germs. No scrubbing would be needed. The walls would repel stain and dirt.

With less time scrubbing, there would be more time to relax with a hobby or catch up on sleep.


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    Elizabeth Allison
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    I'm a tired housewife who detests cleaning with a passion. If someone can make an easy clean skillet, they can make an easy clean shower.
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