A Safe & Clean Insect Trap (A Universal Safety Pesticide Container, A Disposable Dual Wall Lampshade Insect Trap )

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You are unhappy with flies, ants, & cockroaches in your kitchen.
You are worried about houseflies’ contamination.
You are uncomfortable with an ugly and messy insect trap in your house.
You hate to clean dead flies.
You are anxious about children and pets touching dirty insect traps.
You want to throw the insects trap as a garbage bag.

There are significant flaws in existed insect traps such as:
- Insect is stuck on an open adhesive tape, dead body or part may fall down during cleaning up and disposal.
- Insect stuck inside a close adhesive box, it is difficult to check how many trapped death insects to decide when to clean up and dispose.
- Insects are killed and fall everywhere around the light traps, it is uncomfortable job to clean up and dispose.
- Insects bodies held inside the light trap, it is difficult to clean up and dispose.
- Insect trap is not safety to children and pet. Children and pet can touch death insect’s body, adhesive material, lures, or chemical agent.
- A mess Insect trap give a bad feeling of the place. It may drive out consumer come back from to a restaurant; it may make your home shabby.

Current insect traps cannot hold chemical agent and dead flies inside of trap reliable, it makes your place shabby, it is uncomfortable for user to look, clean a used insect trap. It is very difficult to check how many insects are trapped inside.

Our invention hold bait, chemical agent, and dead insects inside of a disposable specially designed W shaped container. The consumer will never look at and clean up a dirty trap. Our invention combines a disposable dual wall lampshade in a specific arrangement to create a space to accommodate the insects for trapping and disposing. The disposable dual wall lampshade is set on a lighting base. The disposable dual walls lampshade comprises an internal wall and external wall; the two walls connects at the bottom and it has a small opening in the top to form one functional piece. Sticky material can be spread on the inside of the external wall in factory for catching all flying insects.

The insects are attracted into the special dual walls lampshade by lure or lighting, and then are stuck or killed inside. The dead body never falls out. DDW-Lampshade holds chemical and dead insects inside, consumer cannot see dead insect, but can check visually. It is safety for everyone.

-Never spill out
- can’t approach inside - put a sponge or other absorbing material for locking and keeping moisture
- Excellent for most chemical agent and toxins
- cannot see insects directly

- Easy checking dead insects from inside wall (add a view in drawing)
- High decoration decoratable
- low cost, consumable, increase sales revenue

Our revolutionary roly-poly style, disposable dual wall lampshade LED insect trap relieves You from all worries! The CAD 3D assembly models are available.


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    Could we make a simple, reliable fitted, comfortable and visible N95 mask after we go to Mars? By using all of existed filtration, clear plastic, equipment, and process, we can make people wear a mask more safe, more comfortable, more visible for everyone in cheap cost in hard time.
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