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INNOVICLE is an innovative design concept presented by us for the development of a bicycle in the consumer product range. This conceptual design is basically designed by keeping in mind the changes in the environment due to the increasing harsh effects of pollution due to the use of fossil fuels. Now it's time to shift to consumer products which can effectively help our society in harvesting energy that can be used in normal day to day life works.

In our design concept, we are introducing the concept of Triboelectric nanogenerator Technology in a bicycle in such a way that we will be able to harvest energy during the motion of the bicycle it will not be affecting our environment in any way. This technology is cost effective and is feasible to use.

Problem Statement:

The problem of energy scarcity is increasing day by day in every field from home to farm. Currently the maximum energy generation of the world is satisfied by fossil fuels which is leading to degradation of our environment. The fossil fuel shortage is the upcoming scenario that will be faced soon and we need to develop new energy harvesting technology that can help us in decreasing the use of fossil fuels and save our environment.

Concept Idea of our Product:

We are presenting an innovative idea in which we are employing a triboelectric nanogenerator in a bicycle and we can generate energy during the travel of the bicycle. Triboelectric generator is basically a newly developed concept in which when two materials of opposite triboelectric polarity are either rubbed or pressed against each other, there is electron transfer between the materials. As we know that transfer of electrons is called current, hence we can save this energy either in a battery or can be directly used in any component of the vehicle.

Working of the Product:

Innovicle is basically, a bicycle in which we are employing triboelectric generator on the wheels of the bicycle. One triboelectric material of lets say positive polarity will be placed on the spokes of the wheel and another material of opposite polarity will be attached to the (U-shaped) frame of the wheel in such a way that both the materials have a shear contact.

When the bicycle will be in a motion, the materials will be rubbing each other and due to this rubbing action there will be transfer of electrons between them, which is nothing but electricity. This energy can be used to charge a battery or can power any components of the vehicle.

Here the Materials that we have placed are Copper and Kapton, they are triboelectric material of opposite polarity.

How our product is better than existing products on similar concept for our problem statement?

Dynamo were previously used for this purpose but they were bit bulky and were using a enough space too, but our product makes the bicycle more attractive in look and consumes the minimal space.



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