Utilizing Piezoelectricity to Manufacture a Self-Charging Phone Case

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Piezo is a battery phone case company that focuses on the advancement of energy efficient charging. Piezo’s goal has been to create a self-charging phone case that utilizes piezoelectric tiles to extend the lifespan of our cellular devices. Piezoelectric tiles harness the physical stress applied onto the phone case and converts that into usable energy to charge the phone. A slight squeeze or vibration of any sort would generate charge that can be stored and later used to fuel the battery of the device.

Imagine being able to pick up your phone, press on the screen, or perform any other regular action and have the battery slowly charge over time. The possibilities of this technology could hypothetically keep one’s phone alive forever. Other battery phone cases merely store energy after being charged separately from the phone. Charging both your phone and case merely wastes energy and time. Having a direct source of unlimited energy, literally at your fingertips, could reveal a whole new world of self-charging energy.

Piezo phone cases are designed for all cellular devices, with a clean and user friendly interface that even one’s grandparents can use. Above all this technology is inexpensive and can be mass manufactured for distribution across the globe. Our technology could eventually be adopted by major phone developing companies such as Apple or Samsung. The slim design of our phone cases are very minimalistic, but the underlying technology has a huge potential which could end with a licensing deal with industry leaders. These companies could possibly integrate the Piezo technology within the phone itself.

To market our product to the target markets or phone companies and energy businesses, we could potentially start campaigns and partnerships with large phone companies that see the usefulness of the technology. Since our product appeals to the use of the common public, we will market towards investors that focus on making products for all.

Piezo phone cases involve a completely revolutionized take on the modern phone battery case. The lifespan of an average phone is around 5-6 hours depending on usage, but with the Piezo case the lifespan can reach up to 2 days, 48 hours. Innovation and rising technology combine to create Piezo, energy for the future and the present.

Our concept fully revolves around a technology developed in World War 2: piezoelectric tiles. Similar to Peltier tiles, which generate electricity through heat, piezo tiles generate electricity through vibration and pressure. These tiles serve as the main source for generating electricity and wired in parallel, a certain number of tiles can generate enough electricity to charge a phone. While these tiles do have a limited amount of voltage output, a voltage boosting technology will be applied to reach the threshold required for efficient charging. This method decreases overall current but through the application of capacitors, which will serve as “mini batteries” to store charge to release into a phone, a sufficient current should also theoretically be achieved.



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