EZ Chopstix

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Introducing 21st century chopsticks. No longer having to train for traditional chopsticks, instead; this is the easy chopstick. It's eco friendly/resusable made of bamboo. Instead of two plastic stick figures, it's combined to an obtuse angled bamboo shoot. The tip of the chopstick preopened 3 inches, making your only task to pinch to pick up your food like a pair of tongs.



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    Angela Knight
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    My uncle always said one day I would find something that I'm good and passionate about. I've always been a dreamer.. though I've never had a purpose. I work alot so therefore on my time off as leisure time I went to my favorite sushi bar, eating sashimi I was struggling to grab my food.. and I said to my friend if only there was a finger chopstick. I only wish to go to a Michelin star restaurant one day, but it would be nearly disrespectful to drop sashimi because I can't quite get the hang of it. From there I've had 10 different versions of what I thought the EZ Chopstix would end up as. In this jornney I've come cross many more people such kids and adults with learning disabilities such as down syndrome, autism, tremors, etc that struggle. My dream used to be about me. But now my dream is make a struggle task simplified so that everyone that feels different about using regular chopsticks can finally all feel equally the same using EZ Chopstix.
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