Summer is Coming, a TV Series

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This design is for a TV series, “Summer is Coming”, depicting young people in effective action on our current climate crisis. This series contains no zombies, robots run amuck, or dragons. It does contain believable characters in situations that could actually happen in the near future. In addition, it does contain a main character that is an Artificial Intelligence, JanetA (graphic).

This series invites young people to buy into the idea of applying their life’s work to areas that will help address our climate crisis. The specific areas depicted are taken from widely recognized references such as Hawken, “Drawdown”.

The model we are using for “Buy-In” is given in the attached YouTube video.

Too long, we have been using fear to get people into action on our climate crisis. This TV series concept comes directly from our efforts to develop alternatives to scaring people into action, notably through our HeroX Challenge AltToFear.

Haven’t we wasted enough billions to teach our young people how comic book heroes can solve non-existent problems? Shouldn’t we teach them to address the real problems they face? Shouldn’t we provide this in media that they actually view?



Young people in a virtual family, who are faced with the climate crisis and unsure of themselves, get into action, and, with the help of an Artificial Intelligence, mold their life’s work to be of real value in our challenging future.

The form of this design is the files required by large production companies for professional consideration as defined by the Coursera class, “Script Writing, Write an Episode for a TV Series”. Three files are currently our works-in-progress and are available from the author:

1. Pilot -- The complete pilot episode written as a screenplay.
2. Bible -- A summary in text of the entire series and descriptions of the main characters.
3. Story Notes -- Detailed notes of the story environment, in this case the near future of Earth. This file includes graphics and references.

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