Shock Mitigation Sports Helmet Liner

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In the 60’s Bell Helmet had an ad that read “If You Have a $10 Head Wear a $10 Helmet.”
Whether or not you lead with your head, you want to know the DAMPS numbers.

In computer modeling simulations the patent pending OACS helmet liner recorded 71 out of 90 joule energy absorption Hz. 90 joules is total energy absorption; a joule score of 71 is approximately a 75% impact reduction. OACS (Opposing Articulated Composite Springs)

Helmet Market Size $906 Million

Our Proposal for Investors
A $200k investment yields 20% DAMPS I equity based on a one million dollar pre-money valuation.
The investment will yield mold(s) for producing ten helmets for testing and marketing, based on one currently preapproved exterior helmet shell.
Our Goal for Investor Payback is Licensing/Acquisition of our Technology

Current NFL Press Releases
51 Helmet Penalties Called So Far in Preseason

$ 100 Million NFL Concussions Initiative

NFL Bans 10 Helmet Models

NFL Testing;
NOCSAE Drop Testing and Side Impact Velocity Ram

Military Testing
Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center
Aberdeen Test Center Blunt Impact Mitigation Testing

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