Photovoltaic Velcro-Backed Wearable Electronic Charger

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Technical Abstract

Photovoltaic Velcro Backed Wearable Electronic Device Charger

The Photovoltaic Velcro Charger utilizes flexible microcrystalline silicon for the photovoltaic cells and is affixed to a velcro patch that would allow for the mounting of the photovoltaic charger in numerous positions on an outside garment or life jacket. This flexibility of the photovoltaic and Velcro patch allows for greater flexibility and versatility by the wearer. The production of this product would be from easily obtainable off the shelf materials that may be purchased from any number of vendors.

Manufacturing of the product would be by obtaining component materials and assembling in kit form. This allows for maximum versatility in the placement of the velcro and flexible microcrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. Packaging in a kit form and ready to attach to the owners garment, jacket or life jacket opens many potential markets. Marketing on the internet, big box stores, marinas, or any number of sellers.


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