Cooking at Kitchen by Parabolic Solar Cooker (Solar Hot Oil Generator)

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Now cooking is made at solar cooker by direct sunlight which is installed at open space for taking sunlight. For box solar cooker no need to stand in the sun during cooking but to make frying food or another food, a parabolic solar cooker is needed and for this, it needs to stand in sun and reflected light from a mirror which may destroy the eyes. To avoid this problem, I think an innovative idea by which cooking (by all system) will be in the kitchen but parabolic solar cooker is to be installed on the roof or other place where sunlight can get huge and last a long time.

For this system a big size ( 20ltr. – 30ltr.) vessel / tank ( made by most heat absorb-able metal ) to be install on parabolic solar cooker which to be filled with edible oil. From the side of some height of bottom to be fitted a Teflon type pipe with a tap of opening closing system (fig- ). The pipe to be joint with pipe line of two or more tilt-able vessel’s bottom hollow part and this tilting vessels will stay at kitchen room. The hollow part will be filled with edible oil but the oil will be not mixed with ( or enter into ) vessel’s food. The hollow part ( Fig ) at bottom of vessel to be make by less heat absorb-able metal sheet.

The vessel which will be installed upon parabolic solar cooker ,and pipe line and hollow position of tilt-able vessel will be filled by edible oil ( that may be burn of damage ) and the oil will be heat by sunlight through parabolic solar cooker and the heat will be transfer into oil of tilt-able vessel’s bottom hallow position. Now the vessel of kitchen room will be ready to cook and which vessel is not need to cook that will remain stop by knob. If it is need to decrease heat of any vessel, then can be release by opening the closer of hole( fig- ) which to be make upper side of hollow cover.

Thus we can cook at kitchen room by parabolic solar cooker and many item will be make at a time.

Steam generator boiler can not create temperature for frying and huge temperature is loss for outgoing of steam from out let But solar hot oil generator are suitable for frying and many process of coking.

Advantage from present process.
1) It can be use at low sunlight.
2) Eye sight will be not destroy for reflect of sunlight.
3) Time will be save than present system and many item will be cook at a time.
4) All resident of multi storied building can cook by this innovative process / system in to their kitchen room by installing the parabolic cooker at roof top.


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