Reading Table with Unconventional Energy Production System

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Load-shedding is one of the problems in rural areas and for it, students are most depreciated. Although reading or writing is possible at light of kerosene lantern, computer operation is not possible without electric (power) and most of people are not able to use battery with inverter during the time of load-shedding. Also, many families are not connected with electric supply. So students of this family suffer great trouble for low light of kerosene lantern and if any intelligent student gets a gift of a computer or laptop, they cannot use it. To avoid this problem I have make a design of reading table where student can produce unconventional energy for table lamp and computer with low effort and without disturbing their mind and reading, writing or computer operating will running at a time.

For this innovation a dynamo is to be fitted up on a reading table and it will be moved by sewing machine pedaling system and all it needs is for the system to be fitted with the table. Except it, for storage the produce power a battery is needed and an LED lamp, switch box to be fitted for reading or writing and a computer can be joined with this.


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