The Emission Solution Building

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The emission solution building is a good way to deal with pollution . This concept can make the air cleaner . produces more ozone . Which can make better environment we live in . We need a place that is about 4 acres .We will make a plastic frame 12 x 12 columns that is 220 ft high . And 411 ft wide .There is 21 columns each side , around the 4 sides . On horizontal side we have 20 funnels each side of Emission solution building . On vertical side we have 5 funnels on each section . Between the 2 column .We will place an aluminum or copper funnel that has a diameter of 20 ft - 40 ft long . The other side 4 ft diameter . At the bottom we have waste water pond to decompose the pollution .At the top of the funnel . There is a water line to clean the pollution that is can wash away in and out of the funnels . we have 1 terminal to supply the high negative DC voltage 5,000 volts . We connect them to the funnels . When the negative high voltage 5,000 volts current goes to the funnels .It produces ozone and a magnet wave . Which collects all dust , smog , all pollution in and out of the funnels . Every 24 hours the water line will wash all the funnels in and out drain down to the pollution pond to decompose it . In conclusion we can build anywhere when it has a pollution . Busy city- industries- It is a useful way to help the environment became cleaner and safe.


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    Huong Pham
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    Electronic Technician
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    THE LONGEST ROLLING FANS . I made mistakes . The curved fan blades would be 73 tablets Instead 197 tablets and the thickness would be 1/3 ft. Instead 2 1/2 ft .please revise when reading those . thanks .
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    It none gas - no pollution . clean air...
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