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The LINK touch screen remote tablet guide, or RTG for short, is a touch screen remote tablet guide ergonomically designed/shaped as a remote. RTGs functions include a touch screen remote operation for the LINK TV. A mini guide that splits the RTGs remotes screen in half so the user can operate the guide function as well as operate the remote function to scroll/surf through previous or other media channels on the guides split screen, simultaneously in real time to not distrupt the LINKs TV screen while it's in use. The user has an option of operating the RTG as a mini tv as well as a remote to change/preview other channels in real time simultaneously to the LINK TV(causes no distribution to TV). The RTG has a AUX input/output and USB port. The RTG has a voice command relay recognition assistance functionality. The RTGs voice command relay assistance is called the "LINK." The voice command relay assistance is activated via a touch screen push button on the RTG and or TRG. The RTG/TRGs remote playback control button acts as a mic/receiver or walkie talkie that enables voice assistance command controls, (no more yelling at your tv). The RTG can be used as a console/monitor device and or controller to play exclusive apps/games. The RTG charges/ports onto the reattachable/detachable charging holster/cradle/battery located on the back of the Link TV. The RTG charges via USB. The RTG docks onto the LINK's battery block pack to receive charge. RTG or any LINK deviced connection have transferable charge functions while connected. RTG connects side by side into the TRG using its concealed HDMI recieving connection slot/port located on the inner right side of the RTG device.

The LINK touch screen tablet remote guide or TRG for short is used as a uprgraded RTG that includes all of the RTGs functions plus additional functionality. TRGs additional functionality includes dedicated top of the line gaming graphics and hardware components. TRGs video card is implemented as the main dedicated video processor. Larger screen for easy use of the TRGs display functions. TRG has a concealed HDMI slide locking/unlocking track that slides into the RTGS HDMI receiving connection slot/port which creates a larger more expansive seamless touch screen connection. The TRG has a kickstand installed on the back that includes a kickstand strap attachment that is reattachable/detachable to the kickstand. User can apply kickstand as a kickstand or the kickstand strap attachment applies when attached onto the back of a vehicles head rest/seat. The kickstand strap is used as a holster/arm strap/carring case to carry the single TRG or TRG/RTG connection and or the 3 way personal HDMI connection of the RTG, TRG and LINK phone. The TRG and RTGs seamless HDMI screen connection produces gaming media/files on a larger more expansive seamless screen as a second tv while not disrupting the LINK TVs main channel/screen. The LINK phone is designed to connect from the top of the TRG and RTG allowing for a 3 way connection.


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