"Your Six" Cushion

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The Problem: Officers in Pain with back injury claims.

Law enforcement officers work an average of 12 hours per shift with 6 – 8 hours of that time either sitting in an office chair or a car seat. These officers are required to wear duty belts loaded with essential equipment. An officer typically has 12 – 16 items that vary in size and shape on their duty belt. The internet is populated with 30 years of research papers and officer complaints that point to this equipment causing pain from pressure points and spinal distortion, resulting in a host of other ailments that are cumulative and traumatic.

The Product: Your Six Cushion

With over five years of research and development we have created a cushion made of a resilient closed-cell polyethylene foam. This cushion holds its contours under the pressure of a variety of belt/equipment placements, body shapes and weight. Your Six Cushion is individually contoured to fit your shape and your equipment configuration on your duty belt. It can be used in vehicle seats, office chairs, or regular chairs. It is waterproof, floats, and handles extreme temperatures (approximately -40ºF to 225ºF).

The Solution: Custom Tailored

The individually customized cushion fits between an officer's lower back and the vehicle seat or office chair they are using. Your Six Cushion is contoured to fit an officer’s body shape, the angle the officer sits at, and each piece of equipment on the back of that officer’s duty belt. These contours create a zero plane effect reducing abnormal posture and pressure points created by the equipment.

Every officer participating in our test group reported an immediate positive change in their symptoms. Some officers stated that they are using the Your Six Cushion at home as well. We believe all officers that use the Your Six Cushion will have fantastic results.

After 20 years of treating patients, Dr. Brown noticed an increase in the number of police officers with complaints of back & hip pain and a host of other medical issues that is caused by the required use of duty belts. As he questioned these officers about their conditions and the cause of their discomfort, he was surprised to find out just how prevalent this problem is in their profession. It made him realize that these problems are shared by officers not just in America, but worldwide.

At 3D Ergonomics, we believe there IS a better way. We are obsessively passionate about our mission to fit an individually customized cushion behind every behind! We now provide custom cushions for Law Enforcement Officers. We’ve had great reviews about Your Six Cushion and are looking forward to helping as many people as we can.

"Because work shouldn't hurt!"



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