Kilowatt Killer: a Patented Smart Switch with Ecological Intelligence

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Kilowatt Killer is designed to improve Whole House Fan (WHF). According to the Department of Energy, WHF can replace your air conditioner (AC) most of the year in most climates.

The improvement we made is in casing design and controller. The casing minimizes obstruction of view, locate motor behind the wall to lower decibels, secure open window, install in 5 minutes, 1/10 the cost of a WHF, it's portable and could be symbolic as a green home. The smart switch works in conjunction with AC/heater, max high and low, adjust the temperature differential, intermittent activation for ventilation, adjustable air vent up to 180 degrees and could be used to heat your home while you're at work.

Problems we will help solve:

1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) AC emit 125 MMT CO2 to cool our homes nationwide annually = to 25 million cars on the road annually.
2. High cost of cooling and heating is costing our nation $29 billion annually
3. Homes near freeways in Los Angele alone 2.5 million are in pollution zone that causes illness due to particulate.
4. Inequity to energy renewable, disadvantaged families is limited in participating in the reduction of GHGR and saving money.
5. Sick building syndrome 1/3 of the building have poor air quality according to the World Health Organization.
6. Cumbersome to manage ventilation, opening, and closing window or turning the vent fan on and off daily is laborious.

How we will help solve the problem

1. Our radical window ventilation can help reduce the use of up 30 MMT of CO2 = to 6 million cars annually. RWV can be implemented in favorable climate nationwide at 1/10 the cost of a whole house fan.
2. To fully implement WHF in favorable climate it will cost $90 Billion to save $8. With our RWV the cost will be about $6 billion. The year payback is less than 1 year with a return on investment (ROI) of 130% annually.
3. The air Indoor near freeways can improve with air filter and RWV is equip with filters at a cost less than $100.
4. Rebates for electric cars (Rebate $5000), whole house fan (rebate $50 to $400), solar photovoltaic (rebate $5000) are limited to the affluent because of the initial investment cost to qualify for the rebate. With RWV disadvantage community can participate with GHGR and savings on their electric bill because it’s portable and affordable.
5. The main cause of Sick Building Syndrome is poor ventilation. Our RWV can mitigate that problem with a setting that will ventilate homes intermittently to assure enough air change per hour
6. Our RWV is fully automatic 24/7 so that when the outside air is favorable to inside it will activate ventilation. No need for the user to at home to manage ventilation to cool homes.

There will be 700 million more air conditioners in 2030 globally.


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