Phone Call Rejection System

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This system rejects robo and unwanted phone calls on both land line and cell phones. Previous methods depended on using users call list or phone numbers that were known to be robo type calls. This is not effective as callers use spoofed phone numbers. My system requires the CALLER to enter a code devised by the recipient usually the last 4 numbers of the callers phone which is checked by the recipients caller ID or some sequence entered audibly in the recipients setup procedure. In the event of a robo call this task is not completed so the call is rejected and the phone does not ring.In the event of a solicitation call most often the caller does not know what number they are calling from as usually the calls are from a bank of outgoing lines or they do not know the sequence provided by the user of the device.. On land line phones the device is installed between the phone or phone system and the incoming line. In the cell device it is a software based app. A prototype is being constructed of the hardware device and the app is being developed. A patent was applied for on May of 2019.


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    Charles Azar
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    need to stop annoying phone calls
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