Novel Wheelchair Design

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The wheelchair is the most important manual transport vehicle for any hospital, patient and adults. But carrying a wheelchair by staircase is very difficult or risky. Lifts and elevators are not available everywhere particularly in 2 to 3 story houses. We tried to make a model of novel wheelchair which can easily climb a staircase with the help of an attendant who pushes the chair to move it up the staircase. The wheels are designed like "club" shapes and fitted at the front side to climb on stairs, and other supporting smaller wheel son the back. Seating part can be pivoted to remain person horizontal while carrying upwards or even coming down.

It is very basic design and can be modified by a number of ways in actual chair such as hydraulics and battery operation and other controls. Moreover, due to club shaped wheel, smaller diameter of wheels are required to climb each step one after another over the normal or existing steps. This is because the circumference of each smaller wheel of club wheel that is the distance covered by each small wheel is 2 pi multiplied by radius. For example to mover over one step of 30 cm which is quite standard, the diameter of each small wheel required would be just 10 cm. This wheelchair concept  is illustrated in the figure.


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    Sanjay Puranik
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