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passwordsFAST is an offline, compact, electronic password keeper. You just have to remember one simple password to access all other passwords. This allows you to have strong passwords without having to remember them, which, is the best defense against hackers. Data is encrypted using AES256 encryption which is combined with cipher block chaining and key stretching algorithms. The biggest distinction is the fact it's NOT CONNECTED to the internet so you can't put software hacking tools on the device. It takes the place of unsecure methods such as sticky notes, excel spreadsheets or having the same password for everything. Also, password managers and smartphones are all connected to the internet making them vulnerable to hacking. Some of the top password managers have already been compromised. passwordsFAST is slightly larger than a credit card making it convenient to carry. It's a great solution to a very frustrating problem of having too many passwords to remember. With passwordsFAST, you will never have to use the forgot password button ever again!


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    Leann Bell
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    I created passwordsFAST out of necessity because I was constantly forgetting my passwords. I wanted to help people with this very frustrating problem.
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