Acoustic Transducer Diaphragm - Boxless, Omnidirectional, Full-Range

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Acoustic Transducer Diaphragm - Boxless, Omnidirectional, Full-Range

US patent 7,860,265 Planot® acoustic transducer diaphragm. The most common electromechanical device in the world is the speaker. I have reinvented and vastly improved it. The first Planotary design under development; compact and VastFidelity™.

The Planot diaphragm pivots along its long axis; unlike previous Planots its bearings, as well as the magnet-homing-damping device, are housed “inside” of the diaphragm. The external support “mast” for the diaphragm is eliminated by the single, internal and stationary axle. The sound is improved, the cost is lowered and the size is reduced. This diaphragm has a surface area of 32 sq. in. A typical 6 inch speaker has an area of 21.21 sq. in.

“Omnidirectional is the mother of all loudspeakers. An omni can instantly illuminate the room with sound of all frequencies, like an explosion. It has the ideal spatial impulse response. It generates a fast response from the room.” Siegfried Linkwitz (1935-2018)
Traditional acoustic transducers (TAT’s) require boxes to isolate back wave from the front wave. Planot needs no box because Planot’s creates planar waves. Planar waves interact “neutrally” and are not subject to destructive phase interference. TAT’s are “point sources" and send sound in a cone shape which narrows with higher frequencies. Planot is omnidirectional and full-range; stereo from every position and minimizing room interaction.

For a complete explanation of Planot technology see

Planot’s are compatible with various motor technologies.
No box to enclose the diaphragm (Planot generates planar waves) eliminating inherent distortions of boxes.
Can be used full-range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, eliminating crossovers.
Full-range has no phase distortion.
Full-range creates a true 3D image.
Magnetic Homing and Damping Device (MHDD) eliminates TAT’s “surround” functional distortions.
Planot sound pressure level (SPL) decreases with doubling of distance by -3 dB verses TAT’s -6 dB.
Scalable from cell phones to auditoriums.

Previous Planot prototypes were proof of concepts and which evolved into a “prototyping platform.” Now I am creating a model for future products. I am looking for manufacturing partners whether traditional speaker manufacturers or not.

Old technologies replaced by new often require new manufacturing processes; not Planot and now simpler. Significant improvements for consumers are Significant business opportunities. The loudspeaker business has spent decades stagnating, waiting for advances in technology that did not come. “Planot is looking for licensing partnerships, especially in the crowdfunding space.”

Every shortcoming of the TAT has been overcome by my invention. Its simplicity of design obscures the extremely difficult conceptual shift necessary to have realize this. These basic changes in a very basic technology will effect a major shift in not only performance but design as well by freeing the designer from the need to include a box to enclose the diaphragm.

Planot technology is replacement tech. It replaces previous speaker tech. Join me know and pivot for Planot.

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