In-can Preservative for Water Based Paints and Polymers - EU Compatibility

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The need for a friendly chemical solution for in-can preservatives.

Water based paints, polymers, resins, inks, adhesives and cosmetics will spoil if left untreated.

The addition of anti-microbial formulae, acting as "in-can preservatives" will stop product spoilage prior to use.

Currently used antimicrobials are being recognised as either; dermal or breathing irritants, cytotoxic, endocrine disruptors and/or carcinogens.

The EU is leading the challenge in forcing out the use of these unacceptable biocides. Some California based companies are following the EU lead in limiting acceptance of current solutions.

European Industry believes it is not possible to effectively control the wide variety of micro-organisms without the current in-can preservatives. The water based decorative paints represents around 75% of the total decorative paints sold in Europe for a turnover of > €5 billion. Liquid laundry detergents have replaced powder detergents for a number of reasons including energy consumption. Most of them need to be preserved.

Adequately dealing with these challenges is an industry wide imperative.

The Theriax lab team has worked closely with EU biocidal compliance advisors to be able to formulate a new "friendly" antimicrobial. Our formula has undergone duplicate testing, with water based paints and polymers sourced from varying production facilities provided by our clients.

New patents are being filed, and licensing discussions have commenced.

Theriax has a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement with the US DoD, titled; "Dual Use Biocides and Decontamination Catalysts for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents". The scientific team are an outlier to mainstream commercial chemistry. With the "swords to plough-shares approach", Theriax has pivoted efforts to civilian market applications.

We had many formulae that were "successful" anti-microbials, but turned the paint lumpy, or radically changed colour and were not water soluble. We are proud of our "friendly" anti-microbial formula that no longer does these other things as well!


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