Flexible Anti-Theft Window Guard

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A novel Flexible Anti-Theft Window Guard (FATWIG) is designed to provide a breakthrough window guarding approach to preventing burglars from entering your home. FATWIG can be applied to windows with any dimensions and is installed behind the glass window. A single hexagon screw driver will complete the entire job for FATWIG assembly and installation. Key innovation of the FATWIG is the unique design of the mounting adaptor which allows incorporating both vertical and horizontal steel bars for window guarding. Fastening screws are tightened to secure the steel bars from sliding. Four long securing screws will be tightened to kiss the window walls, preventing FATWIG from being taken away by force. Four fastening screws will be tightened to secure the four long securing screws after they are in place. All fastening screws will sink in the mounting adaptor and be covered by protective inserts so that they cannot be removed by people from outside. FATWIG is scalable. Large size FATWIG can be achieved by using connection steel bars inserted into mounting adaptors and secured by fastening screws. In addition, vibration sensors can be installed inside the mounting adaptor to trigger the alarm system when someone tries to tamper the window guard.

FATWIG have many advantages over current approaches. First, FARWIG is easy to manufacture. The steel bars are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and can be cut into different dimensions with a saw machine. The mounting adaptors can be fabricated from aluminum blocks through drilling and thread tapering. The screws are COTS standard parts. Second, current window guards are permanent installation and require either window frames or mounting fixtures both of which need to drill the wall for installation. FATWIG does not require any work on window walls. They are secured by four long securing screws through unique mounting adaptors. Third, installation of current window guards on large windows requires at least two people, while FATWIG requires only one person to install since all steel bars are connected through unique mounting adaptors and they are assembled piece by piece easily. Fourth, current windows guards are designed for certain sizes of windows while FATWIG is scalable and can be configured to fit any sizes of windows. Fifth, FATWIG consists of only steel bars, mounting adaptors, and screws; it can be packed into a small package for easy transportation and easy storage. Sixth, due to its simple design, small number of components, and easy assembly and installation, the overall cost is much lower than current window guard installation.

FATWIG has wide applications in home security. Based on safewise.com, the average property dollar loss per burglary is a staggering $2,251. According to another report by Bureau of Justice Statics, an estimated 3.7 million household burglaries occurred each year on average in U.S. from 2003 to 2007. This amounts to a total property loss of over $6B each year. With FATWIG installed, we believe the burglary incidents will greatly be reduced.


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    Crystal Ma
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    Recent burglary incidents in our neighborhood inspired me to design an easy to install window security guard to help our community.
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