Product Anti-Counterfeiting System

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Product counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise, exceeding $1T annually. Tracera has invented an easy-to-use and effective anti-counterfeit solution to solve this problem. We have created a unique fingerprint for tangible objects that cannot be replicated. We are capable of giving any product a one-of-a-kind, addressable identity. Best yet, our solution can be used by anyone, including the consumer, via our simple smartphone app. We have developed a one-of-a-kind tag that can be attached to any physical object and a smartphone app to authenticate the object in the cloud. With our proprietary technology and tag, we can provide upwards of 10^137 unique physical identifiers using tags with as little as 5-10 DPI resolution. Because the unique identifiers are randomized in four or five dimensions, the identifiers cannot be scanned and replicated by conventional printing technologies. Our technology is broadly accessible. It can be used by manufacturers, customs agents, distributors, retailers and even consumers to authenticate objects or identify counterfeit objects.

Specifically, Tracera has developed a computer-vision system and database engine in a secure cloud platform. Tracera’s 4D tag’s unique identifiers (template) are stored in the cloud along with relevant information on the object, including manufacturer, model number, vendor, and purchase history. Select portions of this information can be customized for individual manufacturers. Second, we have developed a smartphone app that (i) captures images, (ii) sendsimages to the cloud platform for matching and authentication and then (iii) returnsrelevant authentication and other data on the object for viewing by the smartphone user. Lastly, we have created a process to make randomized, 4D tags for manufacturers and/or resellers to attach to objects. Tracera’s anti-counterfeit solution is very cost effective. Our cloud-based platform can be scaled inexpensively, and the Tracera tags are low-cost. Accordingly, Tracera’s anti-counterfeit solution can be deployed in numerous industries, including those with narrow gross margins.

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