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Maingel is a bracelet with a capsule that allows you to store liquid products to be used later and quickly because it is only necessary to press on the capsule so that it doses part of its contents on the user's hand. This content can be antibacterial gel, moisturizing creams, among others.

To determine the dimensions of Maingel it is necessary to resort to an average of the dimensions of the wrist of men, women and children, in order to cover as much of the public as possible. In addition, the design was adjusted more adequately to the contour of the human wrist since this is not perfectly circular so we opted for a slightly elliptical design, which also allowed us to increase the useful area of the handle, with the purpose of increasing the storage capacity.

Due to the type of product that is Maingel it was necessary to use materials that would not generate problems in contact with the skin, but also that they were not reactive with most of the products that would be stored in the capsule, that is why we opted for the silicone rubber, known commercially as molding silicone, since this material presents physical and mechanical characteristics suitable for this type of product.


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    Andres Aguillon
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    Take as inspiration the need to access personal hygiene products quickly and effectively
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