Quick Leash

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The Quick Leash is an effective new way to leash a pet over that of a 'snap hook' or 'carabiner' style leash. The Quick Leash is designed to hook on to the pets collar, not the 'D-Ring'. Hooking onto the D-Ring is cumbersome and requires two hands. With the Quick Leash you simply 'pinch' the leash open (using only one hand) and slip it under the collar or harness strap and let go. Your pet is now hooked up. Conversely, to unhook you pet simply reach down, pinch the quick Leash open, turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise while pulling it up. Your pet is now free from the leash.

The Quick leash is designed especially for those who may have arthritis or the use of only one hand, not to mention all those who are tired of fussing with all the tags on the 'D-Ring' to make room for the Snap Hook while sliding back the small stud on the Snap hook to latch it to the 'D-Ring'. The Quick Leash latches on and off the collar in a fraction of the time.



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    George Butler
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    scuba, skiing, hiking, motorcycles
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    To refine a design in a unique way to improve a process, function and aesthetics.
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