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eiTampon, the solution of the future for today's woman.

eiTampon is a paradigm shift in the management of the menstrual period that integrates and complements the best of old methods with cutting-edge technology, creating an entirely new method for the well-being of today's woman thought from the future. eiTampon solves four problems at the same time: a) Decreases the frequency and avoids the discomfort caused by the introduction and removal of the current menstrual cup. It improvements the comfort and safety of the women who use it, giving them more autonomy and empowerment. b) Economic, in the long term, less money is spent than with traditional tampons or pad towels. c) Health, risks of contracting serious diseases by contact with chemical substances present in traditional tampons and towels potentiated with the loss of moisture from the vaginal walls, such as Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), are avoided. And, d) Environmental, dramatically reduces the waste of almost 2,600 kg of material, not degradable, for every woman throughout her life.

With eiTampon, the users could save about U$ 25,000 for 40 years; avoid the danger of (TSS), irritations and allergies; the environment is protected. In addition, eiTampon takes advantage of the technological advances in the printing of stretchables electronic circuits and nano-wearable sensors to examine the menstrual fluid and detect diseases in their early stage, as added service.

This idea can be applied throughout the world where there is a woman in a fertile stage. There are some 1.2 billion women in the world in the fertile stage (720 in Asia, 192 in Africa, 122 in Europe, 103 in Latin America, 59 in North America and 4 in Oceania). By culture and purchasing power, the Potential Market is 240 million women in the world; and the Target Market is 2.4 million in the world. The Target Market between North America, Latin America and Europe is 1.2 million women. This represents a Market Opportunity of more than US $ 100 million annual.

eiTampon, basically is a plastic micro axial pump (12 mm exterior diameter x 42 mm length), that sucks the accumulated menstrual blood in a silicone cup that is located inside the vagina surrounding the neck of the womb and leads to an external and fashionable reservoir located in the female pubic area simulating a mini thong (lingerie) in the form of a vulva. The level of blood inside the cup is captured by a micro sensor that drives a micro motor that moves an axial impeller. And It's manufactured by molding with plastic extrusion machines, modeling and silicone vulcanizing, production of electronic circuits with CNC printers and manual final assembly. The Production and Assembly cost compared with products already in the marketplace is 40%. Marketing, Handling, Packaging and Transportation 25%; Taxes 25% and Profits 10%.

The internet of wearable things, space travel and female walks on the moon and other planets already have free access with eiTampon.



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    Yester William Quebrada
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    All my students of physics and mathematics who complained with me of having obtained low scores in the state exams scheduled on the days that coincided with their menstrual period. The same ones who are inhibited from enjoying their favorite sport and other social activities because of the insecurity caused by those uncomfortable moments. The same that after graduating as professionals work long days surrounded by people intolerant of the feminine nature. And all those women who daily put their trust in the suitability of current tampons and towels to risk their health and be able to produce in the workplace. All those women who went through shameful moments in public and who today are besieged by indiscreet cameras. All the women that have surrounded me, grandmothers, mother, sisters, nieces, cousins, friends and lovers. All of them, those that I know and those that do not. All the women of the world are my inspiration.
    With all my love and respect for them.
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