SnotRocket Pediatric Nasal Aspirator

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SnotRocket is a unique syringe-type aspirator that is more powerful, more precisely controllable, more sanitary, more rugged, more convenient and more discreet than any other pediatric nasal aspirator.

The simpler version has only two parts, both injection-molded plastic -- a rocket-shaped outer cylinder and a matching plunger with fin-like finger-grips. A spring-loaded version would require only two more parts, the spring and a snap-on base cap.

Various commonly available thermoplastic polymers that are especially slippery are preferable. If the parts are made to be very close-fitting then no seals are necessary. Otherwise, a stock o-ring can easily be incorporated into the design.

The cylinder is open at both ends. The working end, the tip of the smoothly rounded “nosecone,” gently seats against the nostril of a child (or patient). The larger opening at the ‘tail” end is full diameter, allowing the plunger to slide in and out for easy cleaning and reassembly.

Also at the “tail” end is an elliptical flange-like base which serves three purposes:

First, the base provides a comfortable rest for the heel or palm of the hand while the fingers pull on the plunger.

Second, the base allows the SnotRocket to stand upright.

Finally, because the “tail section” is slotted to make way for the finger-grips of the plunger, and the slots interrupt the structural continuity of the cylinder, the base serves as a stiffener to maintain the cylindrical form of the syringe.

A slot in the base, continuous with the slots in the cylinder, allows the finger-grips of the plunger to pass through the base when necessary. Prominent rounded “shoulders” reinforce the edges of the slots in the cylinder. The “shoulders” flare outward at the “tail” end of the cylinder to form brackets resembling rocket fins which reinforce the base.

The plunger fits snugly within the cylinder leaving no dead space. The tip of the plunger is a short tapering peglike extension which completely fills (and slightly protrudes from) the “nosecone” of the cylinder. This serves to maximize the vacuum during use and to completely clear the cylinder of fluid immediately after use.

Commonly available aspirators have many shortcomings:

• Battery-powered aspirators are heavy and bulky and offer no tactile feedback
• Squeeze bulbs produce very weak suction and are difficult to clean as well
• Mouth-operated aspirators are difficult to keep sanitary in a purse or diaper bag
• Long flexible tubes snag or become tangled and require separate and special cleaning
• Some aspirators actually need to be inserted into the nose

The SnotRocket Pediatric Nasal Aspirator soars above the competition:

• Compact and featherlight
• Quick, convenient and discreet one-handed operation
• Ergonomic intuitively precise vacuum pressure control
• Gentle, yet more powerful than any comparable nasal aspirator
• More sanitary, reducing the risk of cross-contamination
• Self-clearing tip
• Easily rinsed or washed when away from home
• Completely dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning
• Safe external use only
• Two-piece economical design

SnotRocket is simpler, safer, easier, better.


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