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Currently, there is a water supply system of PPR pipes. Welded together by a special soldering iron with nozzles, teflon coatings. PPR - It is eco-friendly, safe and durable material.

But a lot of people use these pipes and fittings for self-made creativity - making various things. These are chairs, swings, boxes, shelves, greenhouses, fences, various racks and holders, even .. bicycles and cars.

That's great, but ... it looks like a hand-made articles from pipes.

It is proposed to produce for DIY - various KIT elements from polypropylene. Welded products will look professional, which will attract a lot of people to do this.

In addition to various conventional pipes, these can be rectangular straight, angled beams, flat, round, various parts, holders, clamps, etc.

Using different colors will enrich the collection kit parts.

Сan make two constructive ways to connect parts.

1) The parts themselves have a rectangular shape, but their soldering points are made using standard round elements for compatibility with standard round Teflon nozzles, commonly used for pipe soldering.

2) Teflon nozzles for the soldering irons themselves should be of a new type, i.e. match the size and shape of the parts to be joined, that is, rectangular, square, etc.

The more diverse a set of parts, the more home-made fans will buy different nozzles for soldering, and the parts themselves.

This is a great business direction, friendly for people who love to do everything themselves.

So, the idea is a wide release for sale of various structural elements of polypropylene, which people will buy for themselves, if necessary, to do something by the method of soldering.

Сan arrange contests for inventing new elements, people themselves will vote for the most interesting details.


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