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It is a bag which is non woven that can replace polythene bags. It is made by mixing paper, cloth and starch obtained from corn in a definite proportion as per desired requirements. It has enough tensile strength that to polythene bag. The variation lies at customer side i.e if he carrying dry items the paper - cloth greater ratio bag will be provided wheras if someone has to carry heavier or denser item then he will be provided with bag that has greater starch to cloth ratio.This bag will be levelled for respective purposes in it's variant.

The advantage is that they are biodegradable, appreciable tensile strength, compostable, no artificial adhesives used and no microplastics are generated.

The cost is very low - 0.07 to 0.2 U.S dollars .Thus technically it is eco friendly and revolutionizing go green movement.

Already it has been developed and tested in our lab. Further R&D is going on its decomposition time in recycling process.


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    Bijay Hota
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    Bijay Bhaskar Hota
    Md. Zisan Khan
    Pratik Pankaj Pattnaik
    Subrat Samantaraya
    Mukesh Nayak
    Subrajit Kumar Naik
    Sourav Singh
    Snehal Saurav
    Biswajit Beuria
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    It's the starch power that make me let to think a powerful blend to make the bag.
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