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Purifier, an air conditioner for bath and toilet, detects the smell, temperature, humidity, and user's activity via electronic nose, temperature, humidity, and infrared sensor. Equipped with AI data analysis for air convection, purification and deodorization, it adjusts the temperature and humidity for different users and releases the fragrance. It utilizes the water of self-dehumidification to go through electrolysis and produce bactericidal liquid to eliminate the cause of odor; plants and photocatalyst systems on it can clear the odor. Purifier brings greenness to the bathroom and creates comfortable and healthy experience.


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    Yu Hsin Li
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    Designer:Yu-Ting Zeng, Designer:Chiao Chi Cheng, Designer:Yu Hsin Li and Prof. Kai Chu Li
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    The toilet is one of the most commonly used spaces in home. The quality of the bathroom and toilet environment directly affects the quality of life. The data shows that some users will stay in the toilet for longer time, using it as toilets, and for bathing, reading, etc. The air in the toilet hardly circulates, causing moisture and bacterial growth and therefore generating odor, which affects the health and mood of the user.
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