Hat Trak

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Cap retaining system

The Hat Trak cap (patent pending) retaining system is uniquely designed to conveniently hold ball cap style caps firmly to a specially designed plastic fixture. This fixture is an extrusion made from a flexible PVC plastic material. The visor, bill or brim of the cap can be inserted into the flexible slot of the Hat Trak to hold it fast. There are two lengthwise slots ‘tracks’ in the Hat Trak device which can retain either a curved billed cap or a flat billed cap. The Hat Trak is secured to any flat surface using a velcro style mounting system. Since this product is an 'extrusion', there is minimal costs to make this with no assembly required. Additionally it is designed to provide unique advertising space, ie: sports and company/business logos.



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    George Butler
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    scuba, skiing, hiking, motorcycles
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    To refine a design in a unique way to improve a process, function and aesthetics.
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