Panic Flashlight

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Sexual assault and violence is notoriously hard to quantify but it happens everywhere – in farm fields, on the night shift and in the military. And it happens more often than we might think. According to a new data analysis from researchers at the University of Michigan, by the time women are in their mid-40s, a quarter of them will have been raped at some point in their lives. Not only women are subject to violence and rape, but also men. Nearly 8 percent say they have been raped by the time they turn 44.
This is a very depressing statistic. Many of these attacks by strangers occur in the evening or at night, when there is no one to come to the aid of the victim.

To avoid most of these situations, this project is intended.

The novelty of the idea - in this device several devices are combined to protect its owner and alert those close to him about the disaster.

The first is the flashlight we are used to, which helps us navigate in the dark. The second is a built-in processor that controls the light of the flashlight, as well as an audible alarm and a Wi-Fi transmitter.

In the case when one of the users of this flashlight presses the alarm button on it - the protection mode is activated - the flashlight enters the strobe light mode and the loud siren, from standard flashlight mode. In the event of a maniac attack, the person manages to direct the light and temporarily paralyze the attacker's vision due to short flashes of random duration and attract attention, due to the loud siren inside the flashlight. At the same time, the flashlight itself can be simply thrown on the ground - it will not turn off so easily in panic mode.

At the same time, an alarm signal is sent to the Wi-Fi channel to the phone, or another small device with GPS - recording the coordinates of the incident and starting to send an SMS to someone from close to person people, about what happened. SMS will be repeated after turning on the panic mode every minute - fixing the coordinates of the person in danger.

In the absence of communication with GPS satellites, the device will ignore the coordinates - sending a notification in the form of SMS about the event. You can simply call your loved one to find out what happened. The panic button is configured regardless of the flashlight. You can just carry a flashlight with you without turning on the lights.

There are no problems with the production of this device. It is necessary to modify and simplify the construction itself as much as possible - for its reliability.

Clients for this device can be anyone who cares about the safety of their loved ones. You can give this flashlight to your spouse or child, warning that in case of danger, the person simply presses the panic button.


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    Egor Burlachenko
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    Becoming a father and seeing the problems that new parents and doctors at the maternity hospital face, and I want to help parents of children and doctors to ease the first days of life and minimize the child’s stress by creating a jaundice treatment suit and facilitating monitoring of basic vital signs.
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