Clothes Drying Machine/Appliance

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Design Statement and Working:

A hanger ring for hanging clothes to dry with air draft has been mounted on support a bar that connects a ceiling fan to the roof.

Ring has round shape with ‘plus sign’ shape support frame has larger diameter than ceiling fan maximum diameter at wings end tips for suitable clearance between wings end points and clothes to allow efficient movement of air draft for best dryness results in less time.

One of the rings (hanger) can be fixed to the support bar at one time and other rings can be connected to this main ring via connected links as per need.

Bulbs can be used to provide thermal energy in drying process and can be mounted in the center of the ring.


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    Rajiv Sharma
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    Imagination, hand sketching, Auto-CAD, Pro-E, Solid works, CATIA etc.
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    Nature, Less resources, Hard-work.
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