Teaching Toddlers the Concept of Time

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Several million toddlers have to wait until a specific time that is set by the caregiver. Not knowing the concept of time, it is hard to follow what "in an hour" means. Toddlers need a simple way that they can relay on. The idea is to give the time a face of known. and to provide a simple way such the child learns to wait and be rewarded. A reliable indicator of WHEN that occasion is going to happen.

It is a horizontal part, where an item starts to move (could be a Micky Mouse, a train, a car) and where it reaches an end. The time can be set as required and the item moves fast (if set for minutes) or slowly (if set for hours). It can be used at daycare, at home or in the care during a trip.

Also the time can be set manually or controlled through an app remotely. If there is a traffic jam, the pick up time will be delayed, the indicator adjusts accordingly, by using the caregivers location, or if the caregiver knows the time she/he will be early/ late.


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    Aryan Sooma
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    soon to return to work from parental leave, I start feeling all the pain of the little children around the world waiting not knowing when the parent exactly comes to pick them up.
    I want provide my child a sense of trusting and reliability to develop confident and feel loved.
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