Panic Sensor

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Panic Sensor, sensor used to tap brain waves and electrical signals of a human being, especially for women and children. This sensor is connected virtually to the person owning a mobile device. The signal is continuously monitored for the panic, fear or any other odd signal due to emergency that a person will develop, by the Panic Sensor. During any uncomfortable situation, the brain signal which were monitored by the panic sensor, were analyzed. The signal which arises out of panic, fear or odd signal from that person, were mapped for a code which will match the signal code that are existing in the database. The AI will used be for signal mapping functioning at a remote location will analyze these signal.

So during emergency/uncomfortable situation, based on the signal, the AI will send SOS signal to the nearby emergency response team.

If the panic sensor not connected to the device, the sensor will connect to the near by device and if the sensor is not connectable to any of the device, the sensor will start sending the SOS.


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