Aircraft Seat Anti Covid 19

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The Covid 19 fighting measures will impose a physical separation among the passengers in all massive transportation systems. The commercial aviation will be one of the most transportation system affected by these measures, with the consequential reduction of the number of passengers for single flight. Therefore, in order to permit a passenger density comparable to the pre Covid 19 situations, a different concept of physical separation is presented as possible solution, by means of the following idea.

The concept is: Do not increase the distance among the passenger, but capture the possible contaminated atmosphere and purify it or eject out the cabin. The Aircraft seat shown in the sketch is equipped with a sort of transparent dome able to maintain an air flow separated between two passengers seating in the same seat. The dome is provide for each seat pax and is directly connected to the air conditioning system of the aircraft, via a dedicated duct. The results of flow of breathing activity is captured and aspirated by the dome and treated by the filtering system of the aircraft, or directly exhausted out of the cabin. The filters installed on the aircraft must be adequate to purify the exhausted air coming from the passengers and preserve the recycling system from the Virus contamination. (Alternatively a pre filter component can be installed on each dome).

The Dome is made by two parts one fixed to the seat structure and the other movable. The movable upper part of the dome allows entrance/exit of the passenger, as well as, the procedures for critical phases of the flight (i.e.: Emergency condition, use of the Oxygen masks and the possible evacuation) Moreover the dome must be shaped ergonomically and ca be used as display screen for the entertainment system on board of the aircraft. An additional biocontainment blanket can be attached to the forward edge of the dome for the suspect infected cases. The additional filters need to be applied in this case at the out let of the dome duct.

The application can be studied as retrofit however the seat structure, layout of the cabin and the air conditioning layout, could be affect by the modifications.

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