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Since 2018 the number of electrically powered aircraft in design has doubled to about 200, hence the name, “201.” Airbus, Boeing, Joby Aviation, Uber and others, with more than 1 billion usd in investments are designing, developing and testing the electric air vehicles of the future. In 20 years the value of eVTOL by manufacturers, operators and infrastructure providers is expected to reach 318 billion usd.

The “201” is a single person urban aerial mobility commuter vehicle (UAM) designed to alleviate traffic congestion on our freeways. It combines active flight control surfaces, uneven blown (channel) wing technology, the Bernoulli Principle, the Coanda effect, and vectored thrust with standard airfoil aerodynamics in a novel manner to achieve safe, efficient, quiet ...

Made in the USA

The "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" http://www.R2Pv1.com/  can be used to teach the entire product manufacturing process + it can be completed at home with a small desktop 3D printer. 

• Controlling various electronic devices, sensors and motors
• Using different micro-controller chips in circuit designs
• Structured Programming style using BASIC and c languages
• Phonemes for speech and song
• 3D Printing to make mostly snap together or very easy to assemble robot toys and other robotic/animatronic systems
• Art for finishing and painting plastic parts
• Mechanical systems assembling the various "X-Projects" and X-Project displays
• Theater Arts to write short video scripts for the projects (robotic ...


The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of UASs allows proposing innovative operational options such as the ability to spray a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere.

This is the case of NitroFirex, an innovative project that integrates available technologies from the defense industry to achieve this operational capability. Of all possible applications the forest-fire fighting at night is where NitroFirex places its highest priority. This is because of the ecological damage these fires bring forth, the cause social alarm they generate and the human and economic losses that take place whilst fighting them.

NITROFIREX at last offers the long awaited nighttime firefighting capability and also ...

One hand replacing two-hands to perform dual fastener fastening or loosening, the “1 hand DUAL FASTENER MANIPULATION DEVICE" can be used to manipulate two fasteners with the same axis of rotation and to manipulate the fasteners of the same axis of rotation separated by the intermediate material, and the spacing distance can be freely adjusted according to the size of the separated object.

In order to successfully join the two fasteners together, one of the fasteners must be rotated in the first direction and the other fastener must be prevented from rotating or rotating in the second direction at the same time. Typically, the process is accomplished using two separate wrenches or other fastener engagement tools, where one or ...

When I was a child, I recall, distinctly, a time when someone was so excited about a fragrant orange peel, and its health benefits, that they squeezed the wet peel in front of my face. It got in my eyes and I obviously thought that I was being poisoned. Why? It HURT my eyes.

Nowadays, people are attuned to things like allergies to fragrances and strengths of produce. For some reason, manufacturing has not always updated its methods to accommodate our newfound knowledge of sensitivities. Case study: Tana Mongeau March 2020 fragrance release is accused of utilizing cheap packaging. Another problem that affects buyers is what to do when the packaging breaks, as the product is lost.

The solution ...

Wind energy is the most promising source of renewable energy in response to the emerging needs for replacement of the conventional power plants. Currently, the two main devices for generating electricity from wind energy are vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis wind turbines. The vertical axis turbine is more suitable for application in the urban and rural areas due to its ability to operate in a lower wind speed range, high turbulence, and capability to accommodate wind from any direction. There are two types of vertical axis wind turbines; the Savonius and the Darrieus with opposing capabilities. The Savonius turbine is a self-starting turbine but has low efficiency due to the drag type blades. Alternatively, the Darrieus turbine ...

"CLOCKVID-20" is a voice controlled, subtle, home assistant which helps loneliness. This encourages people in self-isolation (who are discouraged from staying at home during lockdown) to unlock their social side.

COVID-19 is the largest pandemic in over 100 years. Nearly half a million people have fell victim to Coronavirus. From this more than 3000 people have died within the past 3 months as a result. Growing at such an exponential rate, it begs the question, why did it take such a long time for authorities to take action? Local governments have been enforcing (or in some cases, advising) their citizens to quarantine themselves and participate in the act of social distancing. This is where CLOCKVID-20 can help.

After being ...

Nowadays desertification is no longer a purely ecological and environmental problem, but also an economic and social problem, which brings poverty and social instability to human beings. For those threatened by desertification, it means that they will lose their most basic subsistence -- a lack of food. Accompanying flowerpots are designed to grow crops and improve plant survival in desert areas. On the basis of preventing wind and fixing sand, increase economic income to improve living environment for people in desertification areas.

All the details on how these work are described in the ...

We are Korean company established in 2002 and we had patented our technology to make silver foam in 2006.

Design concept: We made silver foam with 99.99 purity silver metal to make 6000times larger surface volume. Pure silver dissolves in water and it became strong sterilizing solution.

Product: We have inserted our silver foam into 200ml spray ...

The current main method for prevention of the Coronavirus is disinfecting the public surfaces that have high chance of interaction with people as much as possible. This is because the main route of transmission of Coronavirus from one person to another is through droplets which are sneezed or coughed out by infected people. A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets, while a sneeze can produce as many as 10,000. These droplets then fall on a surface that is touched by uninfected person, who then touches their face and in to mouth, eye or noise. According to the latest MIT report, the Coronavirus can travel 27 feet in the air horizontally and vertically and stay in the air ...

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