Electronic Calibration Display

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The electronic calibration display is an electronic device that replaces a calibration sticker and adds the functionality of visual and audio aids to notify the user of approaching or past due calibrations.

How it works:
The onboard microprocessor is programmed through the Micro USB port with the current calibration information which includes the 1) date of calibration, 2) the next calibration due date, 3) identification of the calibration technician, and 4) any restrictions of the calibration.
After the information is downloaded to the device, the onboard program displays the information along with a green light.
A continuous loop will check the current date supplied by the real time clock against the calibration due date 100 times per second.
As the due date for the next calibration approaches the green light goes off and the yellow light blinks every second when the due date is ≤ 7 days away. In addition, the due date on the display will begin to blink also indicating that the due date is approaching.
If the calibration is not updated before the due date arrives the yellow light goes off and the red light begins to blink every .5 seconds, an audible alarm begins beeping, and the display shows “CALIBRATION EXPIRED” indicating that the equipment’s calibration has been exceeded.

In the aerospace special process industries (heat treating, forging, machining, NDT, material testing, etc.) instruments must be calibrated at defined frequencies. Any product that is processed using equipment with expired calibration is non-conforming. So, it is of great importance to an organization that its instruments are calibrated in a timely manner. Calibrations, however, are often times performed by an outside vendor who only leaves behind a hand written sticker of the calibration. The Electronic Calibration Display brings that sticker to life with visual and audible notifications aiding the user to identify approaching calibrations and avoid a costly shut down of equipment due to an expired calibration.


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