Negating False Alarm

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False alarms are a common problem with invisible laser based sensors.

In border areas it just creates panic to identification whether it is a human being, an object, dust, an animal or some vehicle moving across the border.

The proposed solution will work to neutralize false alarms through accurate identification.

It can easily identify what kind of object is moving across the border.

As per the sketch, if a human being is trying to cross the border then the invisible laser rays will work to make a pattern of "footstep or shoes of human being" on the both side of laser board after hitting the shoes or footstep, as after hitting with footstep the connection of laser lights will be broken and this breaking will work to make the pattern on the laser board. After reading the pattern the sensor will work to send alarm signal.

There will be several laser diodes on each board.

In this way the solution will work.

We can develop it in this way that it can send an alarm signal of different kinds of objects using the hitting of laser rays and making pattern So it will be very useful that what kind of object is moving across the border.

If it is an animal, an object or dust then it will not activate but if it is a human being, a vehicle then it will send alarming signal.

In this way it will work by neutralizing the false alarm.


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