Lightweight Modular Defensive Wall

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The lightweight modular defensive wall (LMDW) is a mechanism for the protection of personnel, buildings and equipment at designated locations.

A defensive wall concept has been schemed that has a thickness of 400mm. it is modular (hence easily repairable) and it is constructed in a mixture of engineering composite materials (Kevlar re-inforced plastic, GRP and CFRP). These materials are formed into three purpose-designed energy-absorbing components and are assembled into a 5 metre high wall. The wall height selected for the initial concept was fairly arbitrary and can be tailored to meet the operational needs of fortifications requirements.

The design of the defensive wall’s components is based on research and development of light anti-armour weapon systems (rocket recoilless and countermass guns) undertaken in the UK from the mid-1970s.


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    John Evans
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    Space Rocket propulsion systems with the aim to get a reusable satellite launch vehicle made of CFRP and green fuels.
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