My Plasma Engine Rocket

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The main problem of space exploration are the costs due to an obsolete technology after sixty years we are still with liquid thrusters, plasma propulsion and relegated to military uses and it will take another twenty five years before it is released to the public utility if it will never be released given the terrorism problems. For this reason I decided to intervene personally and for thirty years I have been studying this technology and the time has come to free this technology. My project is inspired by the vasimr of Dr. Chang Diaz making it operational already inside the atmosphere the costs are considerably reduced as the turbofan recharges the vehicle's tanks making it ready for another trip, the temperature difference of the engines is facilitated by a basic flame with hydrogen or jp4. The combined action between a turbofan and plasma reactor I created a trans-atmospheric engine. The engine interacts with a plasma regeneration system as the power plant radiates and receives radio frequency energy.

Other information will be released if interested.

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    Sebastiano Nipitella
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    tram driver_plasma researcher engine
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    aereomodels, military wepons, costruction protoype
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    those who consider empty space have never studied astrophysics. space outside the earth's atmosphere is saturated with particles, ions and both solar and cosmic radiation. that is, we are sailing in a sea of ​​cosmic energy and we say that space is empty. a counter sense. we put order in the concepts of energy aerospace structures. the era of chemical rockets and almost at the end of the line we open our eyes to the new era.
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