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The objective is to design a drone which resembles a bird, also called ornithopter. This drone can be mounted with a camera that can be used for aerial surveillance and photography. Used for military purposes such as aerial recon without alerting the enemies since the ornithopter fairly resembles an actual bird. Several ornithopters have been flown with cameras on board, some of which can hover and maneuver in small places. These ornithopters can be used for spying. At airports, sometimes birds fly into the engines of airplanes causing catastrophic damage. This could be prevented by employing ornithopters to scare away birds, and also, a sound emitter can be used to produce a particular frequency to keep away the birds.It can be used in wildlife surveying and bird surveying. It can be used to observe birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and other invertebrates using aerial surveillance. Using an ornithopter is advantageous for bird surveying as the birds will think of it as one of their own. It can be used to monitor traffic by flying the ornithopters at junctions, traffic signals etc. We will use Lipo Batteries, servo, receiver, brushless motor, camera, frequency emitter(optional), and lightweight carbon fibre structure, with extruded polyurethane foam to build the ornithopter. The final result will be an outcome of an Ornithopter (an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings).


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    Harshal Raikwar
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