A.I. For Space

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Time is precious in space. This Project combines technology To move Forward In Future Of Space and Ultimately help Human In Space mission.

A.I.With Google Glass help astronauts in all operating conditions and save their time to read handbooks And Give Guidance in Emergency conditions. Artificial Intelligence Convert humans in Transhumans Have Extra Calculating Abilities. A. I. give extra Vision to analyze activity and Guide us.

Artificial Intelligence With Google Glass adds an extra eye and brain to analyze data, helps them in experiments, operation, spacewalk & even in emergencies. A.I. guide them through operation steps and highlight important factors of Operation.

Astronauts wear Google Glass While Daytime Activity And In Spacewalk .A.I. Guide them To Operation procedure and Provide operation Data to repair, Fix Problem in Servicing Missions.

A.I. With Google Glass Help astronauts while experimenting, docking any supply/crew module, live update of the environment inside ISS, the health of all crew, debris alert, Also direct instruction from the ground crew. Google Glass Use For astronaut Guidance, telemetry, health monitor, schedule, object tracking and analysis, language converter, object detection, navigation in Iss for different modules.

Artificial intelligence helps us in space for better operation inside and outside of ISS and other Extravehicular activity.

  1. Control panel Guidance for better navigation
    Help astronauts to have a detailed view of the control panel and guide astronauts as per different operations like Ascending /Descending and docking. Google Glass Displays Different Navigation Data to help them to guide them.
  2. Live update of crew vital [Health]
    Automatic sync with Crew’s spacesuit and show vitals and cabin pressure and temperature while spacewalk Or mission outside ISS.
  3. Emergency Guidance for Safe Operation
    Show an emergency escape path to reach the life support module and other information. Display Vehicle data, errors and Damage In Emergency. Show Safe passage For Escape and reach Life support module.

This will help them to identify control panels Operating procedures while launching and docking, guidance in trajectory for better handling of the mission. also, decrease response time to identify the control panel button sequence. This will save time for astronauts in emergency situations.

Artificial Intelligence will increase the efficiency of humans in space & help them to make the right decision in an emergency to save time and life.

This A.I. Technology with Google glass Surely helps us in the Interplanetary mission in Near Future.

Reason Behind choosing Google Glass is Its Small Wearable Tech and Google Have better Technology to make a more effective product.


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    In Covid-19 world suffer from a different variant of viruses.it spreads through various mediums like touch, sneezing in public, handshakes, touching other's things, common surfaces at home and offices, etc.
    I want to make something small which easy to carry for people and use anywhere they want.
    This small Torch help to disinfect those surfaces and keep them virus and bacteria-free.
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