Drones for Fish Farming

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There is rapid development in drone technology nowadays, they are being used in almost every other field. In this, we will be talking about the usage of drones in fish farms.

A fish farming drone can attentively be in charge of fish rearing tanks, enclosures such as ponds to rear the fishes and prawns in a more effective and profitable manner. Raising aquatic animals like fish and prawns is not so easy and a little distracting behavior by farmer rearing them can lead to huge losses as these animals are prone to diseases which can easily spread from one to another and spoil the whole aquatic enclosure leaving the farmer with zero profit and hands full of loss. But as every problem has a solution, these pitfalls can be successfully avoided by using this newly invented drone with silicon solar batteries so that there is no excess consumption of energy.

Transporting of products:
Once the fish are harvested, they have to be transported from one place to another, also they should be fresh. So more men are required during the transportation of these fishes but if these men are replaced with fish farming drones then they can feed the fish, monitor the fish, harvest the fish, and transport the fishes into transportation vehicles all by one movement of the button.

Monitoring health of the fish:
Fishes, prawns, etc. need to be monitored very carefully as the diseases affecting even one can lead to a great loss. So to monitor water temperatures, thermal sensors can be used. Radio waves can be used to monitor each fish through cameras and their amount of movement as if a fish stops moving it can imply that it is dead. Also, PH levels and the amount of ammonia in the water can be managed using water-smart sensors. Feeding can be done through fish feeding nozzles provided under the drone. After spraying the fish food drone also monitors food leftover in the pond so that it can take note of the amount of food being consumed by fishes, as the amount of food being consumed by fish fluctuates, then it can mean there is something wrong with the fishes.

It can monitor the field 24/7 and can alarm the farmer when the foreign invasion takes place such as if a snake, rat or unwanted human attacks the farm then drone can produce alarming sounds to notify the farmer in order to maintain safety and security to the farm so that the farmer can rest for a while with stress-free head.


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