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The name exo derives from exotic plasma is an exotic material, it is a gaseous state thermally agitated by electromagnetic induction and ions. Once converted to plasma we compress and accelerate it. Connected in series with a jet engine or turbofan, we combine heaven and earth in a vector capable of unprecedented power. Used singularly at speeds above mach: 0.85 in the upper atmosphere it can be used in combination with a jet engine or turbofan for horizontal or conventional take-off.

The main interest of this engine will be the interest that will activate in international researchers the effects and interactions of a ramjet plasma engine in crossing the Van Allen belts where the engine will act on this high intensity of protons and electrons as primary fuel making it reach speeds never seen before as a human object. outside in deep space it will use solar plasma and in the absence of internal fuel.

The study of the interaction between solar plasma and a vehicle equipped with magnetic fields does not find much material and as if we wanted to build an airplane neglecting the effects of the wind on the fuselage.

Other devices will be needed for the operation of the engine in space but for the moment we stop this point in time.



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