Gas Turbine Engine Modeling by Using Simulink

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The specialized aircraft engine software development for the aerospace industry is high demand. With the information that I knew, the common purposes for developing computational model include proof of engine cycle concept, testing of operability, testing the performance of the aircraft engine or provide a platform for the control system to be designed around.

The physics model can provide a comprehensive set of component analysis and allow engine optimisation in the design point analysis. The physics model is fulfilling the requirement for both on design and off design performance analysis from either steady state model and transient model. The goal of this simulation software is developing a component connection that can be easily understand to analysis the gas path flow parameter, fuel flow, total temperature and pressure and static pressure and fuel air ratio. The algorithm of the simple gas turbine engine is developed in Matlab/Simulink. The model can be illustrated in the next section.

The Simulink model is developed by using the first principle, I started from the assumption followed by the gas turbine engine component level mathematical model and develop the simple algorithm and implemented mathematical model in the Simulink. The Simulink model have the capability to determine the performance of the gas turbine performance parameters and also capable to perform the off design Simulation. The accuracy of the Simulation results can vary from 6 percent to 17 percent by compare with the exist software Gasturb 13. Regardless of the assumption stage from the first principle method, the error of the results can be caused from other factors such as the different database and different development environment and requirement.

The example of this simulation software can be used to investigate the relationship of the thrust specific fuel consumption vs the compressor pressure ratio, TSFC with the specific thrust and the specific thrust with the compressor pressure ration when the gas turbine engine is operating at different condition such as the turbine inlet temperature variation and different flight altitude.


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