Last Mile Personal Mobility System

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In a door to door mobility scenario the last mile is the most critical issue.

Public transportation must stop at selected terminals and private transportation not always have access. To solve the problem while in most localities, especially considering the need for parking as the biggest obstacle to an effective door to door direct flow. To optimize such requirement a mobile, easy to transport, lightweight and small vehicle would be needed.

Our system, slightly larget than a skateboard table, satisfy such requirements and, being powered by solar generated electric engines is also a pollution free vehicle. The system consist of a 85 cm high vehicle, with carry on provisions, movable like a trolley suitcase, that can be transported everywhere, even inside elevators without occupying much space, so to allow its access to apartments or offices in high rise buildings where it can be located in special recharging outlets. Such recharging stations can also be located in public sidewalks to support transit management owned vehicles.

The skateboard weighs 25 Kg, and is powered by two electric engines connected to two sets of wheels, front and rear. The entire system can be operative by unfolding its components, the floor, the seat suport, the seat itself, the guiding system and carrying bag. Such operation can be done in two minutes while in most sophisticated vehicles can be automatized. Their flexibility allows them to travel and reach most localities and buildings, even inside. The system can be personally owned by who decides to own one or owned by a traffic municipal company that would allow its utilization with payment by Km of usage. They can be stationed at utility outlets that are fed by solar and wind systems supplying energy in special outdoors locations in city sidewalks or shopping malls and other public facilities parking locations.


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