Hydrostatic Bicycle Infinite Variable

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Hydrostatic Bicycle Executive Summary

Hydro Bike is a breakthrough in the field of bicycle transmission. It presents the next evolution in bicycle drive. Comparing traditional bicycles to Hydro Bike is like comparing a car’s old mechanical shifting gearbox to the ®Tiptronic - Infinite variable gearbox in use today.

Two factors limit a bicycle rider today: human power and outdated technology. Hydro Bike provides an ®Hydrostatic Bike overcomes the human limitation and offer up-to-date technologies offering an Infinite Variable, Constant Horse Power drive in a variety of manually operated wheeled vehicles. The technology applies to additional various wheelers: Tricycles, Manually operated buses (such as those used in parks and zoos) and even Bicycle Trainers. Like the automotive counterpart various transmissions can be achieved whether 1x2, 2x2 etc. The technology provides small footprint, maintenance free (compared to current chain technology) and high durability.

Today the Bicycle market is divided between Transmission Manufacturers (such as Shimano, Compagnolo and a lot of others) and Manufacturers of Bicycles (such as Trek, Sram, Giant, Connandale and a lot of others). The largest part of the target customer base consists of those who currently ride Mountain Bicycles a popular activity that continues to grow worldwide. The Partner to be a global leader in Motion & Control Technologies can extend its product line by producing Micro-Hydraulics based on Hydro-bike concept.

At the moment, Hydro-bike is at an Early Seed Money Stage and achieved a stage of “Prove Of Concept” and final tests of a “Non-Commercial Prototype.”



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