Video Helper System for Autocamper

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Video Helper System has several use options, namely:

During the movement of the autocamper, the high design of its van disrupts the visibility of the situation in front of it, for this, the function of a “transparent” car becomes possible by using the front camera mounted on it, i.e. a vehicle in motion from behind will see the road situation in front of the car camper on the van screen, thus determining the possibility of a safe maneuver. This function can be enabled not only during a day, but also at night by the means of the camera's infrared illumination.

When autocamper stops at a traffic light or railway-crossing, as well as at a temporary parking lot, it is possible to automatically display advertising and informational videos on the screen. During a stay at a campsite or at other outdoor events, there is the opportunity of watching various TV/video programs using a satellite dish or media devices. During the rest, inside the autocamper itself, there is also the possibility of video watching as on a conventional TV, while the screen from the street can be covered with the moving shutters.

An ordinary double-glazed window in the form of a 16: 9 TV window is used for Video Helper System screen, covered from the inside with a special film and Ultra Short throw projector with forward and reverse projection mode.

Video Helper System can be used not only on autocamper, but also on commercial, special, private and passenger vehicles.


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